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    Tactical App to QUICKLY IMPROVE Your Game

    Compare your actual golf score against your target score. Quickly analyze weak areas to focus on. We’ve made our app clear and easy to use so that it’s easy to update your stats while you’re on the course.

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    ANALYZE Your Stats

    Using our tactical formula, your Golf Stats will quickly highlight the areas of your game that could most easily be improved to lower your handicap.

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    Track Your Scores Graphically

    We’ve included a graphical analysis at a click of a button to show you where the weak areas are in your game. Golf Score Genius keeps a record of your scores which means you can easily keep an accurate record of your current game. As well as comparing it to your previous scores.

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    Full iOS Retina Display

    Golf Score Genius looks absolutely stunning on the iPhone’s retina display. You can see every detail of the CGI created graphics and you’ll be dazzled by the graphics!

Top benefits include an analysis of weak areas in your game, an accurate record of previous golf games and graphs and stats that will help you quickly improve your handicap.

All this on  Golf Score Genius.

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